Copenhagen, Denmark – 11 Highlights & Walking Tour: One Perfect Day in Travel Podcast 005

If you want to see the 11 Copenhagen walking tour stops highlighted below on a great interactive map in more detail, check out the website and search for “Copenhagen” and click on the “City Highlights” walk that I created there. You can access walkli on your phone or tablet, as well.

This entire walk is a little over three miles. If you don’t want to complete the entire walk, you can take a look at the Walkli map to help you decide if you want to skip anything. The letters after each number match the letters on the Walkli map.

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Copenhagen Map 1

1-A – Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid Statue
Little Mermaid Statue

Begin this self-guided walking tour at the Little Mermaid Statue which you can see just off the cruise ship dock in the Copenhagen Harbor. The Little Mermaid is a bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen. You will see her sitting on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade near where the cruise ships dock. The most famous character in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale by the same name, many consider her to be the symbol of Denmark.

2-B-Amalienborg Palace

Copenhagen’s Amalienborg Palace

With the harbor on your left, keep walking toward Amalienborg Palace. The palace overlooks Copenhagen harbor and is the home of the Danish Royal Family. The interior can be visited for 95 DKK (free with Copenhagen Card). The Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place here, waterside, daily at noon when the royal parade arrives from Rosenborg Castle.


From Amalienborg Palace, keep walking on Amaliegade to Saint Anne Place and turn right. Walk a block and turn left on Lille Strandstraede which will take you to the Nyhavn Canal. Nyhavn is perhaps the most scenic area of Copenhagen. Many canal cruises begin and end here. Shops and restaurants line both sides of the canal. You will want to take lots of pictures of the beautiful multi-colored shops and restaurants here!

4-D-Rosenborg Castle

At the end of the Nyhavn Canal, walk past the large Kongens Nytorv Square to Gothersgade. This will take you to Rosenborg Castle, originally built as a country summerhouse in 1606. It houses the Crown Jewels. Walk diagonally across the large square if you want to visit the interior. It can be visited most days for a fee (110 DKK). It is free with the Copenhagen Card. At 11:30 am daily, it is possible to walk with the Danish Royal Guard from the barracks of Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg Palace for the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony.


Walk back toward Nyhavn, turn right at Kongens Nytorv and right again on Ostergade. Ostergade is the first part of this amazing pedestrian street that changes names a number of times, but is known the world over as Strøget. This pedestrian-only street is Denmark’s most famous street for shopping at all price levels, but it also includes beautiful architecture and numerous indoor and outdoor cafes.

6-F-Royal Copenhagen china store

Keep walking down Strøget and just after you pass the Louis Vuitton store on the corner, you will come to the Royal Copenhagen china store. This is Highlight 6 which is Stop F if you are following along on the Walkli map. When I was there last, one of the artists was painting china right in the shop! It is definitely worth a visit!

7-G-Lego store

Continuing on Stroget in the same direction, you will come to the Lego store on your left. Since the 1930s, the Danish Lego company has been delighting children all over the world. Lego was named the “Toy of the Century” by Fortune Magazine. Stop in and you may see some special Legos!


At the intersection of Strøget and Gammeltorv, you will see the beautiful square of the Old Market. Turn right into the square and then on Vestergade when you are ready to continue your walk. Gammeltorv is the oldest square in Copenhagen. It includes a market, shops, and indoor and outdoor restaurants. I think the architecture of the buildings here is some of the best in Copenhagen. Gammeltorv is Stop H on the Walkli map.

Copenhagen Map 2

9-I-Rådhus Square

Continue walking in the same direction on Vestergade. At the end of the block, turn left at Rådhuspladsen where you will see Highlight 9, Stop I on the Walkli map, Rådhus Square ahead of you and on your right. This is the Town Hall of Copenhagen. The Town Hall building was inaugurated in 1905. It was designed by the architect Martin Nyrop in the National Romantic style with inspiration from the Siena City Hall. It is dominated by a tall, slim clock tower. The Jens Olsen’s World Astronomical Clock can be seen inside.

10-J-Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket Museum

Continue walking in the same direction and turn right on Stormgade. Cross over the large divided street, Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard and turn left. Just on your right will be Highlight 10, Stop J on the Walkli Map, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket Museum facing Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard. Highlights of this amazing museum include Rodin’s “The Kiss,” Degas’ “Little Dancer of Fourteen Years,” and paintings by Monet, Cézanne and Gauguin. The indoor courtyard is really beautiful. There is a cafe here, too. Don’t miss the Impressionist paintings. They are near the rooftop viewing area. You may want to take the elevator! Exact Address: Dantes Plads 7, opposite the rear gate of Tivoli Gardens. Open daily 11 am – 6 pm, except Monday, (open late on Thursday until 10 pm) 95 DKK (about $15 US dollars), free with Copenhagen Card. The website is:

11-K-Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

Exit the museum and walk to your left. Just across Tietgensgade at the corner of the boulevard will be the back entrance of Tivoli Gardens, Highlight 11 and Stop K on the Walkli map. The main gate of Tivoli is worth a picture even if you are not entering. It can be reached by continuing on Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard until you reach Vesterbrogade Street on your left. The main entrance to Tivoli is on the left. There is an admission charge to enter (about 120 DKK, approximately $20 US), but it is included with the Copenhagen card. Tivoli Gardens is a highlight of Denmark! Walk through the beautiful park with gardens, a lake, concert venues, restaurants, and amusement park rides. Ride tickets can be purchased in the park individually or as an all-ride pass. Opened in 1843, Tivoli inspired Walt Disney to create the first truly all-ages park in the United States. Special events, concerts, laser shows, fireworks and festivities are held almost daily in the summer and frequently for special occasions throughout the year. Some concerts and events are included in the admission price. It is a lovely venue just to stroll and enjoy the scenery.

Tivoli Gardens is open from 11 am until 10 pm or later on most days from April through September. Tivoli is open for fall and winter seasonal dates, as well. Check the website for up to date information for hours and entertainment offerings by date: Many restaurant options are available in Tivoli. I like Groefton Restaurant, a Danish restaurant in Tivoli, since 1874. It is lit up with twinkling lights in the evening. Biergarten Tivoli is fun too!

We have now completed our City Highlights walk, but another useful place to know about is the Copenhagen Visitor Service Center, Stop L on the Walkli map. You can stop here for information and/or sit and have coffee and a snack (available inside the 12-L -Copenhagen Visitor Service Center) at tables and chairs outside or in the lounge inside (free WiFi). Brochures, maps, and information are all available. Open most days at 9 am except Sundays in winter and December 24/25 and January 1. You can purchase the Copenhagen Card here for one price admission to most transportation and museums in the city. The Visitor Service Center is on Vesterbrogade across the street and to the left of the main gate of Tivoli Gardens.

For more information about the Copenhagen Card: Let me know if you have any questions about Copenhagen.

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