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img_3700Have you ever arrived at a vacation destination only to realize you missed an opportunity to visit a special place due to crowds or closing times, or maybe the event was sold out?

Have you ever wished you had known about special experiences or events in places you were visiting?

Or maybe you found yourself wasting precious vacation time backtracking across a city (or a country) as you spent time traveling from place to place?

Perhaps a few travel tips in advance could have helped you use your valuable time and money more efficiently to have a more perfect vacation experience. My Amazon paperback and Kindle books and free podcasts help you plan for perfect trips by grouping attractions and places to visit together in recommended daily itineraries that include walking directions or subway directions between sights on each day and from recommended hotels and restaurants. Special experiences and events are highlighted. Times and days for visiting each sight and attraction are suggested to take advantage of the best times to visit. Official links to sightseeing highlights are included so you can access reservations and advance ticket purchases online to make sure you have the best vacation possible! I’ll even customize the perfect trip for you!

I’ve condensed years of experiences visiting places in person, constantly updating my research with return visits, curating the latest travel books and Internet updates, and listening to the questions of my clients.

Some of my own favorite places are Disney, Hawaii, London, Paris, and Rome. There is a reason why these are so often on top travel lists! But I also have enjoyed riding elephants in Chang Mia, Thailand; watching the geysers erupt in Sudurland, Iceland; and sailing through the Faraglioni Rocks in Capri.

Do you need help wading through the guidebooks and all the Internet information? Are you looking for some special experiences to enjoy when you travel? Are you thinking about places to go or how to plan the best time to visit or the best hotel or discounts for you based on your budget and time availability? Email me if you would like to schedule a free consultation to see if I can help you plan your next perfect trip.  I would be happy to discuss writing a customized travel book and/or plan just for you or just coach you through selecting the best travel experience uniquely suited to YOU!

Cindy Loe

Current published books:

One Perfect Trip to London (Kindle book and Amazon paperback)

One Perfect Trip to Key West 2017 (Kindle book and Amazon paperback)

One Perfect Trip to Washington, D.C. 2017 (Kindle book and Amazon paperback)

One Perfect Day in Copenhagen (Kindle book and iBook)

One Perfect Day in Fort Lauderdale (Kindle book and iBook)

One Perfect Day in Nashville (Kindle book and iBook)

One Perfect Day in Disney World: Epcot 2017 (Kindle book, iBook, and Amazon paperback)

One Perfect Day in Disney World: Magic Kingdom 2017 (Kindle book and Amazon paperback)

Check out my Podcasts/Blog menu tab for highlights of places you might like to visit including: Hawaii, London. Munich; Lucerne, Lugano, Engelberg and Mount Titlis, Switzerland; Washington, D.C.; Key West, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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